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PBC News & Comment: Gun Nuts Rally to Block “Obama Gun Grab” from Mentally Ill

In hysterical email alert, Gun Owners of America defend mentally incompetent Social Security recipients from background checks: “largest gun grab”

–as armed vigilantes are told to stop patrolling military recruiting stations, Pentagon considers policy changes to permit soldiers to carry guns

–oops, that Mullah Omar who just approved peace talks between Taliban and Afghan government—he’s been dead for over 2 years

–Taliban makes gains in 3 areas of Afghnistan

–Turkey continues to hammer Kurds in Syria, Iraq, now Turkey

–following yesterday’s statement of NATO support for Turkey, some members display unease

–new coalition of rebels in Syria targets Assad government, and Assad’s Alawite base

–big split in GOP, as hardliners in House mount effort to dump Speaker Boehner

–campus cop in Cincinnati is charged with murder of unarmed black man

–Israel accused of war crimes in 2014 “Hannibal procedure” following capture of Israeli soldier

–whoops! Pentagon doubles—again—estimated number of locations it sent live anthrax to

–Director of National Intelligence confirms that our old phone records will be purged, and new data can only be held for 6 months

–Bobby Gates, who presided over end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, has led Boy Scouts to lift ban on gay scout leaders

–Shell’s arctic drilling ice breaker is in Portland for repairs, kayaktivists and bridge danglers are protesting