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PBC News & Comment: Police Killings Continue as Campus Cop Faces Murder Charge in Cincinnati

Bodycam video unravels Cincinnati coverup, underscoring that good cops must turn in bad cops: 664 Americans killed by cops so far this year….

--Anonymous calls for August 8 “Day of Rage” for Sandra Bland, video says Bland was murdered, threatens leaks if Trooper Encinia is not arrested

--debris from lost Malaysian airliner is found on remote island in Indian Ocean

--surprise announcement of Mullah Omar’s death in 2013 upends peace talks

--in our in-depth interview about his new book Listen Yankee, Tom Hayden talks about the change in Cuba’s treatment of gays

--in Jerusalem, repeat offender stabs 6 at gay pride parade

--Canada buys Iron Dome missile defense from Israel, threats unknown

--Israel’s Knesset passes law permitting force feeding of prisoners

--America’s gruesome force feeding of Gitmo prisoners continues, as NY Times editorial prods Obama to stop appealing cases of cleared prisoners

--The Guardian publishes strong op-ed by Emma Ashford, skewering the incoherent US plans to take down IS

--Bernie Sanders campaign boasts 100,000 at house parties across the country last night

--Sen. Feinstein’s new California water bill has some good proposals, but desalination and water diversions raise concerns

--Democrats finally push back against coordinated GOP effort to take down Planned Parenthood, Sen. Boxer promotes petition

--China has returned the passport of dissident Ai Weiwei, but British restrict his visa