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PBC News & Comment: Police Killings Continue as Campus Cop Faces Murder Charge in Cincinnati

Bodycam video unravels Cincinnati coverup, underscoring that good cops must turn in bad cops: 664 Americans killed by cops so far this year….

–Anonymous calls for August 8 “Day of Rage” for Sandra Bland, video says Bland was murdered, threatens leaks if Trooper Encinia is not arrested

–debris from lost Malaysian airliner is found on remote island in Indian Ocean

–surprise announcement of Mullah Omar’s death in 2013 upends peace talks

–in our in-depth interview about his new book Listen Yankee, Tom Hayden talks about the change in Cuba’s treatment of gays

–in Jerusalem, repeat offender stabs 6 at gay pride parade

–Canada buys Iron Dome missile defense from Israel, threats unknown

–Israel’s Knesset passes law permitting force feeding of prisoners

–America’s gruesome force feeding of Gitmo prisoners continues, as NY Times editorial prods Obama to stop appealing cases of cleared prisoners

The Guardian publishes strong op-ed by Emma Ashford, skewering the incoherent US plans to take down IS

–Bernie Sanders campaign boasts 100,000 at house parties across the country last night

–Sen. Feinstein’s new California water bill has some good proposals, but desalination and water diversions raise concerns

–Democrats finally push back against coordinated GOP effort to take down Planned Parenthood, Sen. Boxer promotes petition

–China has returned the passport of dissident Ai Weiwei, but British restrict his visa