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PBC News & Comment: In the Age of Outrage, Cecil is King of the Jungle

Observing a week of social media outrage over Cecil’s slaying, we hear many calls for outrage, activism for human victims…..

–lefties point to endangered black lives, devastating coal mining, while right wingers focus on Planned Parenthood

–18-month-old Palestinian boy burns to death in arson attack by Jewish settlers, Netanyahu displays shameless hypocrisy

–nearby in Syria, America’s delusion of training “moderate rebels” to fight both IS and Assad is set back by kidnapping of leader

–Turkey continues to pound Kurds in Iraq

–US drone warfare relies increasingly on contractors paid hundreds of millions

–Cincinnati grand jury fails to indict the campus cops who tried to cover up the shooting of Sam DuBoce, and these cops have a history of covering up

–Fox and GOP continue their summer assault on Planned Parenthood, could lead to next government shutdown

–Obama’s lawyers continue useless appeals of Guantanamo cases, the latest is based on pronouncements that Afghan war has ended, prisoners should be released

–New Jersey judge seems ready to approve Christie’s craven deal with Exxon, reducing pollution judgment by 98%

–in Maui meeting, TPP negotiators say they have a deal on environmental issues, but continue to fight over pharmaceuticals

–a freeways crumble and bridges collapse, Senate manages only a 3-month extension of highway funding

–Britain relents, and apologizes as it grants 6-month visa to Ai Weiwei

–Comcast sucks