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PBC News & Comment: Dems and GOP Face Disruption of Different Kinds

Media outlets enable and interpret Trump’s loutish comments hoping he’ll self-destruct; Black Lives activists disrupt Sanders, arguably their best ally….

--Media exploits the Donald’s boorish talk, feeds his ego, then invites him back for more, while spinning his incoherent “bleeding” comment as menstruation

--in Seattle, Bernie Sanders is blocked from speaking by two Black Lives Matter activists in another strange disruption of a major ally; Sanders introduces new plan to address racial injustice

--Washington state senator Pramila Jayapal, who spoke just before Sanders was interrupted, offers some good insights

--at Ferguson march in honor of Michael Brown, cops shoot armed man they say was in gunfight with other protesters

--in op-ed farewell to Jon Stewart, conservative prof from Virginia lowers the boom on liberal smugness, and your humble host pleads guilty

--as US fighter jets and 300 soldiers arrive at Turkey’s Incirlik airbase, two females fire shots at US consulate in Istanbul

--directly and indirectly, Obama is taking on AIPAC in the fight over Iran deal, as Schumer sides with Netanyahu

--father of toddler killed in West Bank firebombing also dies, Israel goes through the motions of a crackdown on Jewish provocateurs

--as Gitmo hunger striker clings to life, ObamaCo dithers over appeal of release motion of Ba Odah, who has been cleared for release

--jury decides James Holmes will spend life in prison, rejecting death penalty

--Jason Leopold at Vice News reveals letter from CIA Director Panetta that may or may not have shut down black sites