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PBC News & Comment: Dems and GOP Face Disruption of Different Kinds

Media outlets enable and interpret Trump’s loutish comments hoping he’ll self-destruct; Black Lives activists disrupt Sanders, arguably their best ally….

–Media exploits the Donald’s boorish talk, feeds his ego, then invites him back for more, while spinning his incoherent “bleeding” comment as menstruation

–in Seattle, Bernie Sanders is blocked from speaking by two Black Lives Matter activists in another strange disruption of a major ally; Sanders introduces new plan to address racial injustice

–Washington state senator Pramila Jayapal, who spoke just before Sanders was interrupted, offers some good insights

–at Ferguson march in honor of Michael Brown, cops shoot armed man they say was in gunfight with other protesters

–in op-ed farewell to Jon Stewart, conservative prof from Virginia lowers the boom on liberal smugness, and your humble host pleads guilty

–as US fighter jets and 300 soldiers arrive at Turkey’s Incirlik airbase, two females fire shots at US consulate in Istanbul

–directly and indirectly, Obama is taking on AIPAC in the fight over Iran deal, as Schumer sides with Netanyahu

–father of toddler killed in West Bank firebombing also dies, Israel goes through the motions of a crackdown on Jewish provocateurs

–as Gitmo hunger striker clings to life, ObamaCo dithers over appeal of release motion of Ba Odah, who has been cleared for release

–jury decides James Holmes will spend life in prison, rejecting death penalty

–Jason Leopold at Vice News reveals letter from CIA Director Panetta that may or may not have shut down black sites