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PBC News & Comment: Nurses Give Sanders First Major Union Endorsement

On California swing, Bernie Sanders picks up nurses union endorsement in Oakland, draws big, youthful crowd at Los Angeles arena….

–listeners react to my comments yesterday about the disruption of the Sanders rally in Seattle last Saturday

–Harvard professor Larry Lessig considers run as single-issue candidate, focused on campaign finance reform, ending Citizens United

–Jeb Bush, at Reagan Library, hits Hillary because she “stood by” as Iraq returned to chaos after W’s heroic “surge”

–former head of Defense Intelligence Agency affirms memo on IS, says it was “willful decision” to ignore its predictions

–Ferguson remains tense with 144 arrests, including Cornel West as armed white males from “Oath Keepers” join the fray, and Pentagon recalls Humvees

–new data on police use of force is “useless”, and inconsistent

–The Guardian’s series, The Counted, collects actual data on police use of force, and it’s scary

–new interactive website demonstrates how policy changes can reduce the prison population

–in fumble cleanup of mining wastewater, EPA compounds blunders by delaying warnings to downstream

–FBI finally admits that “predictive assessments” place people on “no fly” list

–Google reorganizes, but forgot to Google new corporate name, Alphabet, which is owned by BMW