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PBC News & Comment: Retiring Gen. Odierno Calls for More US Troops in Iraq

As Obama’s air war strategy fails to repel Daesh, Army general calls for more American troops and hints about partitioning

–IS claims responsibility for Baghdad truck bombing, 62 killed

–Kurdish forces fighting IS report chemical weapons attack

NY Times reports that IS holds hundreds of Yazidis captive, and rapes sex slaves claiming approval from the Koran

–Iran initiates talks with Assad that could lead to cease-fire

–Juan Cole reacts to Jeb Bush’s bizarre recap of the Iraq war and rise of Isis

–Professor Cole also echoes my view about AIPAC as a foreign agent

–in new in-depth interview, Victor Tan Chen talks about America’s long-term unemployed, and compares the plight of auto workers in Detroit and Canada

–releases of Shaker Aamer and other cleared Guantanamo prisoners are being blocked by Pentagon boss Ashton Carter

–3 of the sex charges against Julian Assange have expired, but Sweden maintains one rape charge against him, as stalemate continues

–at Ft. Leavenworth, Chelsea Manning is threatened with solitary for expired toothpaste and possession of the Vanity Fair issue about Caitlyn Jenner

–following abolition of death penalty in Connecticut, state supreme court cancels death sentences for all 11 men on death row

–following the upstate New York prison escape, other inmates were beaten, threatened with waterboarding as guards sought information

–former President Jimmy Carter has cancer, which killed most of his relatives

–21 young people from across US file climate change lawsuit against federal government, on behalf of future generations