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PBC News & Comment: CIA “Mistakenly” Releases Brennan Letter Admitting CIA Spied on Senate Staffers

Persistent and resourceful, Jason Leopold exposes CIA Director Brennan’s lies about his staff spying on Senate investigators about “Panetta Review”

–read Leopold’s riveting story here

–Leopold has been central to the release of Hillary’s emails, now she is agreeing to turn over her server for inspection

–based on Hillary’s emails, Steve Horn of DeSmog Blog exposes the role of State Dept officials who promoted fracking and energy deregulation in Mexico

–on my Facebook page, adjacent posts say that Bernie’s surge is over, and that “Sanders surges ahead of Hillary in New Hampshire”

–in a surprise, Tom Friedman argues in favor of Iran deal

–today’s NY Times also notes that many Iranians support the deal, and don’t want war with Israel

–China’s economy continues to wobble, with second devaluation of currency following stock market crash and trading limits

–US-based tech firms are sitting on hundreds of billions of profits stashed offshore

–video evidence supports accusation that Syrian military used napalm or similar firebomb near Damascus

–in maps-with-text package, NY Times asks, “Why is Turkey Fighting the Kurds Who Are Fighting ISIS?