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PBC News & Comment: ‘Terror Event’ in Turkey that Triggered Brutal Crackdown on Kurds Was Likely Staged, Reports Sibel Edmonds

Just returned from Turkey, Sibel Edmonds explains why attack in Suruc was “false flag” event, enabling attacks on Turkish Kurds….

–FBI was deeply involved with Mississippi couple who were busted as they were leaving for Istanbul to join Islamic State

–local law enforcement now using facial recognition software developed by the Pentagon, with few guidelines or public disclosure

–surveillance of our snail mail is detailed in new disclosures

–in Havana, John Kerry raises flag over US embassy

–Cuban political activists still face arrest and detention

–future of Guantanamo is uncertain, Clive Stafford Smith says Obama should order the release of Shaker Aamer

–hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner is in a coma, Israeli doctors are refusing to force feed him

–riot at California’s Folsom prison led to death of Hugo Pinell, who had just been released from solitary after 45 years

–EPA-caused toxic plume in Colorado rivers is moving toward Lake Powell

–cartoonists call for review of LAPD tape used by L.A. Times to fire columnist/cartoonist Ted Rall

–as consumption of sugary sodas declines, Coke tries to deflect concerns, underwriting dubious “scientific” reports about soda drinking