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Just Back From Turkey, Sibel Edmonds Reports on False Flags, Crackdown on Kurds, and Israeli Bases in Iraq

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Visiting her native Turkey after 15 years, Sibel Edmonds gives details of the recent “terrorist event” in Suruc–which she suspects was staged–that’s being used to justify a major assault on Kurds in Turkey.Edmonds is the FBI whistleblower who is editor/publisher of and this episode of Processing Distortion is being posted at both websites, with no subscription required. Fearing the long arm of US intelligence, she has not been home to Turkey in 15 years.

Edmonds was in the vicinity of Suruc at the time of the incident, and got advance tips that such an event was imminent.  Since April, the Turkish military has been preparing for war, and after Suruc, President Erdogan made a deal with Obama to get more involved in the war in Syria.  In return, the US will get access to multiple bases in Turkey at the expense of the Kurdish Peshmerga in Syria and Iraq, who have been the most effective fighters in the past year.

She gives us some critical information on the domestic problems in Turkey.  Tourism is declining due to the skirmishes, weakening the economy.  And the influx of refugees from Syria undercuts Turkish workers.  Facing a political crisis after recent parliamentary elections, Erdogan broke a 3-year truce to attack the Kurds, with tacit approval from Washington.

Edmonds also confirms that Israel has a number of installations along the Iran border in Kurdish territory in northern Iraq.

Near the end of our chat, Edmonds talks about former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, whose recent indictment has disappeared from the news media, despite the media’s failure to report the full story of Hastert’s corruption.