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PBC News & Comment: Extreme Heat Waves Worldwide, Compounded by Wildfires in California

Temperature spikes recorded all over the world this summer;  California sizzles as smoke from spate of wildfires fouls the air....--GOP candidates tell California to build more reservoirs, MidEast “heat dome” broils Bagdhad and the region

--Jason Leopold of VICE details his blockbuster report on CIA battle with Senate Intel committee, including the mistakenly released apology from Director Brennan

--NY Times uses Snowden docs to reconfirm what Mark Klein told us years ago: AT &T is “partner” with NSA in domestic surveillance

--in sordid move, ObamaCo will ask federal judge NOT to release hunger-striking Guantanamo prisoner Bah Oda

--Palestinian hunger striker Mohammed Allan is being given fluids involuntarily

--affirming the radical extremism of his government, Netanyahu names Likud Knesset member Danny Danon as UN ambassador

--over 100 dead in 2 days of bombing in Damascus suburb by Assad fighter jets

--in Bangkok, 19 killed by unknown opponents of military dictatorship

--in Egypt, military dictator al-Sisi decrees new laws and “fast-track” prosecution, targets include journalists

--Pentagon unveils revised Law of War manual with new restrictions on journalists

--Chelsea Manning will represent herself in disciplinary hearing at Ft. Leavenworth tomorrow

--National Labor Relations Board denies union status to college football players at Northwestern U

--Trump shows he can propose bad policy, details his plan to deport all illegals, force Mexicans to pay for border wall, and end citizenship birthright