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PBC News & Comment: Extreme Heat Waves Worldwide, Compounded by Wildfires in California

Temperature spikes recorded all over the world this summer;  California sizzles as smoke from spate of wildfires fouls the air….–GOP candidates tell California to build more reservoirs, MidEast “heat dome” broils Bagdhad and the region

–Jason Leopold of VICE details his blockbuster report on CIA battle with Senate Intel committee, including the mistakenly released apology from Director Brennan

NY Times uses Snowden docs to reconfirm what Mark Klein told us years ago: AT &T is “partner” with NSA in domestic surveillance

–in sordid move, ObamaCo will ask federal judge NOT to release hunger-striking Guantanamo prisoner Bah Oda

–Palestinian hunger striker Mohammed Allan is being given fluids involuntarily

–affirming the radical extremism of his government, Netanyahu names Likud Knesset member Danny Danon as UN ambassador

–over 100 dead in 2 days of bombing in Damascus suburb by Assad fighter jets

–in Bangkok, 19 killed by unknown opponents of military dictatorship

–in Egypt, military dictator al-Sisi decrees new laws and “fast-track” prosecution, targets include journalists

–Pentagon unveils revised Law of War manual with new restrictions on journalists

–Chelsea Manning will represent herself in disciplinary hearing at Ft. Leavenworth tomorrow

–National Labor Relations Board denies union status to college football players at Northwestern U

–Trump shows he can propose bad policy, details his plan to deport all illegals, force Mexicans to pay for border wall, and end citizenship birthright