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Attorney James Otto Reports that Disney Has Replaced 700 American Workers With Non-Citizens

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Attorney James Otto is bringing legal action against Disney–and other employers who have abused the H1-B visa program–by replacing 700 American employees with foreign workers, and forcing the fired Americans to train their replacements.Otto represents Disney IT workers in Florida and California, who report that managers rudely told them “Get used to it.  You need to learn to wear a sari (Indian dress) because that is the only place you will ever find a job.

Corporate employers have moved from offshoring and outsourcing to displacement of US workers in the United States in favor of foreigners–and in clear violation of US immigration law.  H1-B’s are for highly skilled workers, and are supposed to be limited to those with skills that can’t be found in American employees and applicants.

Otto is an expert in employment and housing discrimination, and spent 6 years at California’s Department of Fair Housing and Employment prosecuting violators.  In addition to Disney workers, he represents 18 workers replaced by non-citizens at Molina Healthcare and is pursuing a case against the Screen Actors Guild.

Otto describes the techniques used to evade enforcement of immigration law, and comments on Donald Trump’s misguided focus on our southern border as the entry point for problematic immigrants, when virtually all of the H1-B visa holders enter at airports.

He also notes that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton authorized the US embassy in India to accept and process visa applications in excess of the establish limits.

To get more information or contact attorney James Otto, visit his website.