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PBC News & Comment: Are You Ready for Joe?

New poll shows Biden stronger than Clinton in matchups with Trump, as NY Times recalls Biden’s racist, unjust crack penalties….

–read the Times story here about Biden and the 1994 crime bill

–my pal Terry Phillips reported 81 Democrats, 136 Republicans and 322 others are running for president, including a 14-year-old from Iowa with nom du guerre Deez Nuts

–Israeli airstrikes hit Syria in response to rockets fired at Golan Heights

–yesterday’s comment about the op-ed directing Trump to look at the DMZ in Korea was followed by news of shelling by North and South over loudspeakers

–one immigration problem that nobody’s talking about is abuse of H1-B visas…in our new in-depth interview, attorney Jim Otto says Disney is firing 700 American IT workers, and replacing them with foreigners

–Obama adds sweeteners to enforcement of Iran deal, as Britain announces it will reopen Tehran embassy

–yesterday’s AP report about “secret deal” for Iran inspecting its own facilities is debunked by James Walsh at alJazeera

–Pentagon is exploring transfer of Gitmo prisoners to military prisons in US, prompting hysterical howls from GOP governors

–tensions rise in St. Louis after autopsy shows black 18-year-old male was shot in the back, conflicting with police account that chief has defended

–in our next Processing Distortion podcast, attorney John Remington Graham challenges the conviction of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev based on “black and white” evidence

–former president Jimmy Carter gave classy, almost-farewell news conference