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PBC News & Comment: Will Google Determine Our Next President?

Former editor at Psychology Today issues scary report showing that manipulated search results can sway voter’s opinions, influence voting behavior…

Read Robert Epstein’s report in Politico here

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–on-air shooting of TV reporter and cameraman by former co-worker in Virginia

–Indiana guardsmen offered free concealed weapons training by NRA

–France is charging the Moroccan who was stopped by 3 Americans on the train to Paris as a terrorist, evidence is thin so far

–US and Turkey struggle to agree on plan for Daesh war, but it’s clear that Kurds are the losers

–as garbage crisis continues in Beirut, Hezbollah supports protesters

–Obama apologizes to Japan’s Prime Minister for spying on him

–in testy exchange with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, Trump displays arrogance even when he tries to soften it

–former CIA officer John Kiriakou is out of prison, and blowing his whistle on CIA coverup of torture

–in rare move, Texas delays execution of Nicaraguan man convicted of murder to review charge of false witness testimony at trial

–new pattern in efforts to ban abortion, as pro-birthers collect information on women who have abortions

–Brooklyn’s DA has released 14 men who were wrongfully convicted