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PBC News & Comment: End of Summer Odds & Ends

Trump Circus and GOP clowns distract from right wing advances on abortion rights rollbacks and orchestrated takedown of Planned Parenthood…

Listener alert: Your humble host is taking a 3 week break starting Friday August 28, our new mobile-friendly theme will launch on September 20, requiring reset of RSS feeds.

Details will be announced on September 22, when daily podcasts will resume.

 –Planned Parenthood’s report shows manipulation of videos, but extremists continue to push for de-funding

–Bobby Jindal struggles to overcome Trump’s media dominance, sends silly letter to Obama telling him not to blame Katrina on climate change

–Tell Bobby about new reports that show climate change is contributing to water shortages in many nations, and that deforestation continues

–Carly Fiorina slams CNN for rules that may keep her out of next debate

NY Times reports that major Hillary supporters are fuming over her handling of email controversy, some use reverse sexism to defend her

–MSNBC will drop Al Sharpton’s daily show because nobody watched it

–US claims drone strike killed Islamic State’s top cyber warrior

–IS claims suicide bomber killed 2 Iraqi generals in Anbar

–in NY Times op-ed, former US ambassador to Turkey warns of “dangerous bargain” with Erdogan

–AP sues Justice Dept for documents related to FBI sting that used a fake news report to entrap a suspect

–after recent riots, Arizona fires corporate prison operator

–man accused of live TV shootings was from Bay Area

–in Colorado, judge grandstands as he sentences James Holmes to a gazillion years in prison, without parole

–Brooklyn’s DA has released 14 men who were wrongfully convicted

–FBI spent over $1 million on lavish meals and swank hotels in SF to entrap former state senator Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy Chow

We close with Roy Zimmerman’s satiric new song about the GOP presidential candidates, The Big Republican Tent