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PBC News & Comment: At UN, Putin Exposes Obama’s Flaws on Foreign Policy

Wily Putin upstages Obama with Russia’s entry into Syrian war and surprise intelligence sharing deal that includes Iraq, Syria, Iran…

–in 60 Minutes interview, Putin is amused by Charlie Rose’s silly questions, and blames US for Ukraine coup without quite naming us

–with a “Moi, aussi!”, France begins bombing raids in Syria

–Pentagon report shows IS is recruiting faster than we can kill their fighters, suggests that social media is the problem

–action in America’s “whatever” war, as Taliban retakes iconic Kunduz as Kabul reports killing 80 IS fighters near Pakistan border

–Afghan pilots complain about planes and choppers that are in disrepair, or don’t have the range to be valuable

–in separate comments, Bill and Hillary Clinton blame unnamed GOP operatives for their self-inflicted wounds on email flap

–at final stop in Philadelphia, Pope Francis promises to clean up sex abuse scandal

–in response to canonization of Junipero Serra, his grave at Carmel mission is vandalized

–Pope’s call to end death penalty is ignored, as Texas death machine swaps fatal drug with Virginia, and Georgia judge refuses to halt woman’s execution tomorrow, and Oklahoma plans one next week

–Shell oil is abandoning 9-year effort to drill for oil in Arctic Sea, primarily due to drop in crude oil prices; frackers will probably be next

–NASA scientists report liquid water on surface of Mars

–in Britain, new Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn mutes opposition to nuclear weapons after pressure from defense workers

–in our latest Processing Distortion interview, author Geoff Gilson talks about Thatcher’s decision to rescue economy by expanding arms sales

–in Spain, Catalan election puts separatists in power