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PBC News & Comment: Boehner, the Tearful Clown, Will Step Down as Speaker; Shaker Aamer to be Released from Gitmo!

Unable to control his radical rightwing caucus, John Boehner says he’s retiring at end of October; will replacement be worse?....

--As lame duck, Boehner will have less leverage to stop government shutdown over Planned Parenthood

--another surprise in Washington, as China’s Xi Jinping embraces cap & trade of carbon emissions, upstaging Obama’s failed effort

----my biggest surprise is the announcement that Shaker Aamer will be released from Gitmo

--Pope Francis road show moves to New York and the UN, where he advocated peace and environmental justice

--also at the UN, Saudi Arabia is trying to block an inquiry into war crimes in Yemen, enhanced by the recent appointment of Saudi Arabia to UN Human Rights Council

--in Yemen, suicide bomber kills 25 at mosque observing holy day of Eid al-Adha

--on Monday, Putin is expected to explain Russia’s intentions in Syria, followed by meeting with Obama

--a bad week for corporate criminals, says Paul Krugman, slamming Jeb Bush’s calls for deregulation and promoting charter schools

--Center for Media and Democracy releases stunning report about 2,500 charter schools that have failed, with at least $200 million wasted

--review of Obamacare website exposes data at risk to hackers

--my friend Richard Rapaport wrote a great op-ed about the real Carly Fiorina

--the Fiorina campaign slings disproven mud at critic Jeffrey Sonenfeld, a dean at Yale