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In-Depth Interview: Journalist Robert Parry Comments on Obama’s False Narratives on Syria, Ukraine

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Bob Parry, founder and editor of Consortium News, offers history and context for the false narratives offered by President Obama at the United Nations this week.Read Parry’s powerful analysis here.

We open with discussion of UN reporter Joe Lauria’s article about the hypocrisy or self-deceit reflected by Obama’s UN speech, where his criticisms of Russia¬† in Ukraine and Syria applied equally to American adventurism this century, and last.

Parry makes the case against American strategic communications, blending “psychological operations, propaganda and PR into one mind-bending smoothie”.¬† He notes that we have placed a “black hat” on our foes in Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq, Libya and Syria, which pushes the buttons of Americans to grease the path to military action and regime change.

We note that Charlie Rose failed to grasp Putin’s indictment of the west for the coup in Ukraine in the recent 60 Minutes interview, and that the corporate media amplifies the US narrative of the coup, which leaves out the obvious American role.

Likewise, on Syria, he notes that the myth of a successful “surge” in Iraq is maintained, ignoring how the surge led to the rise of Sunni extremists who now call themselves the Islamic State.

We also discuss the blunder of taking out Qaddafi in Libya, which was promoted by the “humanitarian hawks” in Obama’s inner circle, including Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice.