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PBC News & Comment: Fundraising, Polls Show that Sanders Could Win

While naysayers repeat empty claim that “Sanders can’t win”, fundraising, polling and key primary states could lead to Bernie victory….

–at deadline, initial reports of mass shooting at community college in Roseburg, OR, at least 13 dead

–in small donations, Sanders beats Obama’s 2007 record; polls show Sanders gaining, with potential for Biden to draw from Clinton supporters

–Speaker wannabe McCarthy boosts Hillary by admitting Benghazi select committee is partisan witch hunt, just 2 months after warning about hacking attempts

–latest Clinton email release shows that Russian hackers tried to “phish” Hillary’s email account

–another email shows Clinton failed to persuade Washington Post to kill Wikileaks story that showed US help to Turkey in suppressing Kurds

–Russian air raids in Syria continue to target non-IS rebels

–Kremlin acknowledges target wide range of rebel groups

–US-backed Syrian rebels say they have been hit by Russian bombs

–as Afghan forces crumble in face of Taliban offensive, American generals advocate keeping US troops in the country beyond 2016

–Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-UT, was focus of Secret Service plot aimed to derailing investigation into Secret service follies

–bipartisan Senate bill would reduce mandatory minimum sentences, reform other policies

–NYPD plan will document virtually all instances of police use of force

–coal baron Don Blankenship is on trial for the deaths of 29 miners in 2010

–in South Dakota, Sioux tribe announces plan for “Club Dred” marijuana resort