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PBC News & Comment: Fundraising, Polls Show that Sanders Could Win

While naysayers repeat empty claim that “Sanders can’t win”, fundraising, polling and key primary states could lead to Bernie victory….

--at deadline, initial reports of mass shooting at community college in Roseburg, OR, at least 13 dead

--in small donations, Sanders beats Obama’s 2007 record; polls show Sanders gaining, with potential for Biden to draw from Clinton supporters

--Speaker wannabe McCarthy boosts Hillary by admitting Benghazi select committee is partisan witch hunt, just 2 months after warning about hacking attempts

--latest Clinton email release shows that Russian hackers tried to “phish” Hillary’s email account

--another email shows Clinton failed to persuade Washington Post to kill Wikileaks story that showed US help to Turkey in suppressing Kurds

--Russian air raids in Syria continue to target non-IS rebels

--Kremlin acknowledges target wide range of rebel groups

--US-backed Syrian rebels say they have been hit by Russian bombs

--as Afghan forces crumble in face of Taliban offensive, American generals advocate keeping US troops in the country beyond 2016

--Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-UT, was focus of Secret Service plot aimed to derailing investigation into Secret service follies

--bipartisan Senate bill would reduce mandatory minimum sentences, reform other policies

--NYPD plan will document virtually all instances of police use of force

--coal baron Don Blankenship is on trial for the deaths of 29 miners in 2010

--in South Dakota, Sioux tribe announces plan for “Club Dred” marijuana resort