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PBC News & Comment: America’s Stalemate on Addressing Gun Violence Continues

Obama’s deep frustration and anger at the gun lobby are understandable, but his tone and timing give ground to opponents….

--in Thursday press comments, the president was right, but his angry tone and the timing allow gun defenders to attack “politicization” and “blame the hardware”

--critics note that Obama doesn’t have the same outrage about the spike of shootings in Chicago, or black-on-black shootings

--then there’s Yemen, America’s shooting gallery for years, where man whose family was killed by US drone strike is denied apology by Obama’s “Justice” Dept.

--US remains silent as Saudis at UN Human Rights panel reject independent investigation into Yemen war crimes in favor of insider whitewash

--Hillary Clinton breaks with Obama, calls for no-fly zone in Syria

--newly released Clinton emails shows Joe Wilson and got $47 million grant from fund chaired by Hillary as Secretary of State

--in UN speech, Netanyahu thunders through his anti-Iran talking points, then pops the big lie, blaming Palestinians for failed negotiations

--in West Bank, Palestinians reportedly shot and killed settler couple, leading to ugly parise for shooters

--in Afghan battle, AP says Taliban has been routed from Kunduz, but NY Times says “fight is far from decided”

--in our latest in-depth interview, British reporter Andy Worthington talks about the campaign that led to planned release of Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo

--most recent Gitmo prisoner released to Morocco is still jailed, in conflict with assurances given by US

--proposed Senate bill on sentencing reform is progress at a price: minimum mandatory sentences for terrorism enhanced, crack to powder ratio is still 18 to 1

--investigation shows San Quentin outbreak of Legionaires was caused by sludge in water towers, inmate reporter shares stories of incompetent handling by administration