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PBC News & Comment: Final Deal Reached on Dangerous Trans Pacific Partnership

TPP final agreement is announced, fast-track permits only one House vote and one Senate vote on Obama’s pro-corporate legacy….

–finally, we will get to see just how bad the secret TPP deal is

–transnational oil giants are pressuring Congress to lift ban on exporting American crude oil

–Russian fighters over Syria play games with Israeli jets, and are accused of violating Turkish airspace

–contradicting Putin’s week-old pledge to Obama, Kremlin hints that “volunteer” Russian ground troops may be deployed in Syria

–in Friday comments, Obama lectured Russia about getting into a “quagmire” in Syria; he should know

–controversy swirls over US attack on Afghan hospital that killed 22; top general says Afghans called in the strike

–fears of emerging Third Intifada increase with killings by Israelis and Palestinians, and ban of Palestinians for Old Jerusalem

–as Americans tut-tut over Pope Francis’s contact with Kim Davis, the Vatican shows true colors, dismissing Polish priest who revealed he’s gay, has partner

–in last week’s Planned Parenthood verbal lynching, Rep. Jason Chaffetz was campaigning for Speaker’s job

–extreme weather events: US-flagged cargo ship sank in Joaquin’s furor; Guatemala mudslide kills 130, typhoon kills 15 in China and Phillippines, and South Carolina reels from major flooding

–the day before Oregon college shooting, a group of high school students in rural California were reported to police for plotting to shoot up their school