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PBC News & Comment: Final Deal Reached on Dangerous Trans Pacific Partnership

TPP final agreement is announced, fast-track permits only one House vote and one Senate vote on Obama’s pro-corporate legacy….

--finally, we will get to see just how bad the secret TPP deal is

--transnational oil giants are pressuring Congress to lift ban on exporting American crude oil

--Russian fighters over Syria play games with Israeli jets, and are accused of violating Turkish airspace

--contradicting Putin’s week-old pledge to Obama, Kremlin hints that “volunteer” Russian ground troops may be deployed in Syria

--in Friday comments, Obama lectured Russia about getting into a “quagmire” in Syria; he should know

--controversy swirls over US attack on Afghan hospital that killed 22; top general says Afghans called in the strike

--fears of emerging Third Intifada increase with killings by Israelis and Palestinians, and ban of Palestinians for Old Jerusalem

--as Americans tut-tut over Pope Francis’s contact with Kim Davis, the Vatican shows true colors, dismissing Polish priest who revealed he’s gay, has partner

--in last week’s Planned Parenthood verbal lynching, Rep. Jason Chaffetz was campaigning for Speaker’s job

--extreme weather events: US-flagged cargo ship sank in Joaquin’s furor; Guatemala mudslide kills 130, typhoon kills 15 in China and Phillippines, and South Carolina reels from major flooding

--the day before Oregon college shooting, a group of high school students in rural California were reported to police for plotting to shoot up their school