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PBC News & Comment: Stockton Mayor Protests Unconstitutional Airport Detention and Computer Inspection

Stockton’s mayor protests detention at San Francisco airport and confiscation of laptops, cellphone, on return from official trip to China–in excerpt from our latest Processing Distortion podcast, Prof. Rebecca Gordon talks about her experience on the “n-fly” list

–California Gov. Brown signs 2 controversial bills: data collection of all police stops, and assisted suicide

–Justice Dept. announces early release of 6,000 prisoners

–in Senate hearing, top US commander in Afghanistan gives 4th version of deadly hospital bombing in Kunduz

–Netanyahu cracks down on Palestinians as Israeli extremists respond to tensions with calls for more illegal settlements

–on 65 US campuses, supporters of Israel press for suspension, expulsion of students and firing of teachers who express support for Palestinians, says new report from Center for Constitutional Rights

–Ed Snowden says he will accept jail time in plea deal, but government lawyers aren’t responding

–former Fed boss Ben Bernancke says some Wall Street execs should have gone to jail for 2008 meltdown

–on gun policy, Hillary is to Bernie’s left, and this should provide contrasts in first debate one week away

–Bradblog reports that Alabama has closed 31 DMV offices in black counties, making it harder to get newly-required voter ID

–al Jazeera America newsroom staff vote for union representation, reports The Guardian

–Don Edwards, former FBI agent who served 32 years in House as advocate for civil rights and for limiting the FBI, dies at age 100