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PBC News & Comment: Stockton Mayor Protests Unconstitutional Airport Detention and Computer Inspection

Stockton’s mayor protests detention at San Francisco airport and confiscation of laptops, cellphone, on return from official trip to China--in excerpt from our latest Processing Distortion podcast, Prof. Rebecca Gordon talks about her experience on the "n-fly" list

--California Gov. Brown signs 2 controversial bills: data collection of all police stops, and assisted suicide

--Justice Dept. announces early release of 6,000 prisoners

--in Senate hearing, top US commander in Afghanistan gives 4th version of deadly hospital bombing in Kunduz

--Netanyahu cracks down on Palestinians as Israeli extremists respond to tensions with calls for more illegal settlements

--on 65 US campuses, supporters of Israel press for suspension, expulsion of students and firing of teachers who express support for Palestinians, says new report from Center for Constitutional Rights

--Ed Snowden says he will accept jail time in plea deal, but government lawyers aren’t responding

--former Fed boss Ben Bernancke says some Wall Street execs should have gone to jail for 2008 meltdown

--on gun policy, Hillary is to Bernie’s left, and this should provide contrasts in first debate one week away

--Bradblog reports that Alabama has closed 31 DMV offices in black counties, making it harder to get newly-required voter ID

--al Jazeera America newsroom staff vote for union representation, reports The Guardian

--Don Edwards, former FBI agent who served 32 years in House as advocate for civil rights and for limiting the FBI, dies at age 100