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PBC News & Comment: In First Dem Debate, Will Candidates Be Asked the Tough Questions on America’s Wars?

In CNN debate, will agenda be driven by the Trump circus, or will moderators ask hard questions about endless war?–gift for Clinton: former Benghazi investigator complains that Gowdy committee only focused on Hillary, not a comprehensive review

NY Times calls Obama’s Syria strategy “incoherent”, Steve Kroft hammers Obama on 60 Minutes with Israeli, Suadi talking points

–giving up on training “moderate” forces in Syria, US airdrops 50 tons of guns and ammo to rebels in north Syria….how long before IS grabs them?

–Turkey blames IS for Ankara blasts that killed at least 97, which may or may not be true

–Iran announces conviction of journalist Jason Rezaian without details, floats prisoner swap

–Israel’s apartheid policies and brutal crackdown lead to more violence, death

–Listener Ian Berman offered valid criticism of PBC comments on renewed violence between Israel and Palestinians, here are links to his resources.

Ian Berman links: 2 videos of the incident in Afula, northern Israel, here and here
al Jazeera report notes a larger context for the conflict
Terror in Palestine as teenage Israeli boys can mace women with impunity, here and here
The Israeli Military arresting children on their way home from school
Here is a typical incident of Israeli violence against Palestinians that the Jewish Press applauds
Mondoweiss reports on attacks by settlers

–GOP controlled House votes to lift 40-year ban on crude oil exports, delivering for their oil baron patrons

–in Cleveland cop killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, prosecutor releases 2 reports defending cop’s outrageous act, possibly influencing grand jury

–federal appeals court rules in favor of Muslims who were spied on by NYPD in New Jersey

–CIA torture survivors sue psychologists who were paid $80 million to design and manage US torture practices

–London cops end 24/7 watch on Julian Assange at embassy of Ecuador