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PBC News & Comment: Violence Escalates as Hamas Leader Declares Intifada

In split with Fatah, Hamas leader calls for confrontation with Israel in new “intifada” or uprising, as 6 Palestinians killed…..

--al Jazeera reports Israeli troops shooting at reporters, 7 incidents in 9 days

--in neighboring Syria, US claims that 4 Russian cruise missiles missed their targets, landed in Iran; Russia is polite enough not to mention our “mistake” in Kunduz

--in “analysis” piece, NY Times cites 3 main reasons for Russia’s entry to the fray

--related news story reports that Obama has few options aside from “strategic patience”, and he’s abandoned the program to train “moderates”

--top Iranian general killed in northern Syria

--at Truthdig, Gareth Porter explains why “the US owns the rise of the Islamic State”

--new book by former Mideast envoy Dennis Ross places Hillary with the hawks in threatening to attack Iran, slams Susan Rice for rejecting Israeli bullying on nuke talks

--in latest grab from the Sanders campaign, Clinton calls for crackdown on Wall Street firms that paid her huge speaking fees

--in NY Times column, David Brooks accurately describes Clinton’s flip-flops as opportunism

--Wikileaks publishes final draft of TPP, raising concerns about freedom of expression, dispute resolution, and pharmaceutical regs

--Mumia Abu Jamal is fighting Hepatitis C, and a legal battle to force treatment

--in Sacramento, hero who stopped attack on French train is stabbed in street fight

--Bikram yoga guru loses legal fight to copyright the poses

--after repeated vetoes, Gov. Brown signs law by Sen. Mark Leno that requires a warrant in most cases

--spicy Cajun chef and restaurateur Paul Prudhome dies at age 75 in New Orleans