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PBC News & Comment: Violence Escalates as Hamas Leader Declares Intifada

In split with Fatah, Hamas leader calls for confrontation with Israel in new “intifada” or uprising, as 6 Palestinians killed…..

–al Jazeera reports Israeli troops shooting at reporters, 7 incidents in 9 days

–in neighboring Syria, US claims that 4 Russian cruise missiles missed their targets, landed in Iran; Russia is polite enough not to mention our “mistake” in Kunduz

–in “analysis” piece, NY Times cites 3 main reasons for Russia’s entry to the fray

–related news story reports that Obama has few options aside from “strategic patience”, and he’s abandoned the program to train “moderates”

–top Iranian general killed in northern Syria

–at Truthdig, Gareth Porter explains why “the US owns the rise of the Islamic State”

–new book by former Mideast envoy Dennis Ross places Hillary with the hawks in threatening to attack Iran, slams Susan Rice for rejecting Israeli bullying on nuke talks

–in latest grab from the Sanders campaign, Clinton calls for crackdown on Wall Street firms that paid her huge speaking fees

–in NY Times column, David Brooks accurately describes Clinton’s flip-flops as opportunism

–Wikileaks publishes final draft of TPP, raising concerns about freedom of expression, dispute resolution, and pharmaceutical regs

–Mumia Abu Jamal is fighting Hepatitis C, and a legal battle to force treatment

–in Sacramento, hero who stopped attack on French train is stabbed in street fight

–Bikram yoga guru loses legal fight to copyright the poses

–after repeated vetoes, Gov. Brown signs law by Sen. Mark Leno that requires a warrant in most cases

–spicy Cajun chef and restaurateur Paul Prudhome dies at age 75 in New Orleans