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PBC News & Comment: 13-Year-Old Hacks AOL Account of CIA Boss

Superspy John Brennan, CIA Director, humiliated by 13-year old “stoner” who hacked his AOL account and tweeted secret information….–Jason Leopold’s latest FOIA disclosure: security suggestions that the public sent to NSA’s former director, Keith Alexander

–ObamaCo wants to register, regulate private drones

–ACLU demands that CIA disclose CIA, military drone program details

–in op-ed, legal scholar says Obama has misled the public about drones, impact

–in The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf reveals that NYPD is using military-grade X-ray vans

–Canadians elect Justin Trudeau prime minister by impressive margin

–at The Guardian, Michelle Dean is relieved Harper is gone, worries about Trudeau

–Jim Webb drops out of Dem presidential race, toys with independent run

–Doctors Without Borders refutes claim that Taliban fighters were using Kunduz hospital to hide

–US and Russia reach agreement on protocols for bombing Syria, avoiding accidents

–at Guantanamo, accused 9/11 plotter bin Attash fires lawyers, with good reasons

–Andy Worthington is leading activists on day-long fasts in support of Shaker Aamer’s ongoing hunger strike at Gitmo

–Texas and Louisiana take steps to cut Planned Parenthood funding, as the orchestrated take-down continues

–at The Guardian, Spencer Ackerman continues excellent reporting on secret detention site of Chicago police at Homan Square, more than 7,000 “disappeared”

–ICE unit in San Diego under investigation for team-building sex parties hosted by supervisor and his wife