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PBC News & Comment: 13-Year-Old Hacks AOL Account of CIA Boss

Superspy John Brennan, CIA Director, humiliated by 13-year old “stoner” who hacked his AOL account and tweeted secret information….--Jason Leopold’s latest FOIA disclosure: security suggestions that the public sent to NSA’s former director, Keith Alexander

--ObamaCo wants to register, regulate private drones

--ACLU demands that CIA disclose CIA, military drone program details

--in op-ed, legal scholar says Obama has misled the public about drones, impact

--in The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf reveals that NYPD is using military-grade X-ray vans

--Canadians elect Justin Trudeau prime minister by impressive margin

--at The Guardian, Michelle Dean is relieved Harper is gone, worries about Trudeau

--Jim Webb drops out of Dem presidential race, toys with independent run

--Doctors Without Borders refutes claim that Taliban fighters were using Kunduz hospital to hide

--US and Russia reach agreement on protocols for bombing Syria, avoiding accidents

--at Guantanamo, accused 9/11 plotter bin Attash fires lawyers, with good reasons

--Andy Worthington is leading activists on day-long fasts in support of Shaker Aamer’s ongoing hunger strike at Gitmo

--Texas and Louisiana take steps to cut Planned Parenthood funding, as the orchestrated take-down continues

--at The Guardian, Spencer Ackerman continues excellent reporting on secret detention site of Chicago police at Homan Square, more than 7,000 “disappeared”

--ICE unit in San Diego under investigation for team-building sex parties hosted by supervisor and his wife