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PBC News & Comment: On Back to the Future Day, the Present Looks Retrograde

In the mid 1980’s, Back to the Future traveled forward to October 21, 2015, and some of it was accurate…..–but we’ve got perpetual war, drones and space weapons, mass shootings, Christian backlash on abortion, contraception, new waves of racism and class divide, and Joe Biden won’t run for president

–has Netanyahu gone Trump on us? In a back-to-the-Holocaust speech, he says Palestinian leader persuaded Hitler to exterminate Jews

op-ed in al Jazeera offers Palestinian perspective on the struggle with Israel

–newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau tells Obama he’s bailing out of the anti-IS military coalition

–Trudeau gets mixed reviews on climate change, pipelines and tar sands

–on eve of Hillary’s testimony before tainted Benghazi committee, GOP and media finally start to focus on her role in decision to topple Qaddafi

–Pentagon floats version 6 of Kunduz hospital raid: blame the fog of war

–Senate Dems block GOP bill to cut funds to “sanctuary cities” as SF leaders maintain policies despite uproar over murder attributed to immigrant

–federal appeals court overturns deportation law signed by Bill Clinton

–WikiLeaks obtains CIA boss Brennan’s hacked AOL emails, will publish them

–the 14-year-old Muslim boy who freaked out teachers with a homemade clock will leave the US for school in Qatar, his father laments American jingoism

–in Albuquerque, 4-year-old girl is shot and killed in road rage incident