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PBC News & Comment: On Back to the Future Day, the Present Looks Retrograde

In the mid 1980’s, Back to the Future traveled forward to October 21, 2015, and some of it was accurate…..--but we’ve got perpetual war, drones and space weapons, mass shootings, Christian backlash on abortion, contraception, new waves of racism and class divide, and Joe Biden won’t run for president

--has Netanyahu gone Trump on us? In a back-to-the-Holocaust speech, he says Palestinian leader persuaded Hitler to exterminate Jews

--op-ed in al Jazeera offers Palestinian perspective on the struggle with Israel

--newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau tells Obama he’s bailing out of the anti-IS military coalition

--Trudeau gets mixed reviews on climate change, pipelines and tar sands

--on eve of Hillary’s testimony before tainted Benghazi committee, GOP and media finally start to focus on her role in decision to topple Qaddafi

--Pentagon floats version 6 of Kunduz hospital raid: blame the fog of war

--Senate Dems block GOP bill to cut funds to “sanctuary cities” as SF leaders maintain policies despite uproar over murder attributed to immigrant

--federal appeals court overturns deportation law signed by Bill Clinton

--WikiLeaks obtains CIA boss Brennan’s hacked AOL emails, will publish them

--the 14-year-old Muslim boy who freaked out teachers with a homemade clock will leave the US for school in Qatar, his father laments American jingoism

--in Albuquerque, 4-year-old girl is shot and killed in road rage incident