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PBC News & Comment: In Rare Move, Obama Carries Out Veto Threat

Obama vetoes defense spending bill for budgeting reasons, only his 5th veto in 7 years, Guantanamo also a factor….–another GOP backfire: Hillary Clinton emerges strong from Benghazi inquisition, without facing her failure on overall Libya policy

–Lincoln Chafee withdraws from presidential race, as 2 Iowa polls show Ben Carson leading Trump

–NY Times business writer runs the numbers, says Sanders spending plans can be paid for by taxing the rich

–federal judge uphold Congressional budget amendment the blocked Justice Dept action against medical marijuana dispensaries legal under state law

–my old radio buddy Norman Davis won 9-year legal battle, as New Mexico Supreme Court rules against aerial surveillance the led to pot bust

–Senate vote signals likely passage of new “cybersecurity” bill that Sen. Wyden says it is “untenable” violation of privacy rights

–Texas investigators raid Planned Parenthood offices in political stunt

–Obama is getting bolder talking about race defends Black Lives Matter

–despite clear objections from Obama, hawks continue to push for no-fly zone in Syria

–Pepe Escobar tells me that Russia already has effectively set up a no-fly zone

–Putin extends offer to US to cooperate on Syria

–In China, Xi Jinping bans 88 million Communist party members from playing golf

–Three Dog Night’s Cory Wells dies at age 74