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PBC News & Comment: In Rare Move, Obama Carries Out Veto Threat

Obama vetoes defense spending bill for budgeting reasons, only his 5th veto in 7 years, Guantanamo also a factor….--another GOP backfire: Hillary Clinton emerges strong from Benghazi inquisition, without facing her failure on overall Libya policy

--Lincoln Chafee withdraws from presidential race, as 2 Iowa polls show Ben Carson leading Trump

--NY Times business writer runs the numbers, says Sanders spending plans can be paid for by taxing the rich

--federal judge uphold Congressional budget amendment the blocked Justice Dept action against medical marijuana dispensaries legal under state law

--my old radio buddy Norman Davis won 9-year legal battle, as New Mexico Supreme Court rules against aerial surveillance the led to pot bust

--Senate vote signals likely passage of new “cybersecurity” bill that Sen. Wyden says it is “untenable” violation of privacy rights

--Texas investigators raid Planned Parenthood offices in political stunt

--Obama is getting bolder talking about race defends Black Lives Matter

--despite clear objections from Obama, hawks continue to push for no-fly zone in Syria

--Pepe Escobar tells me that Russia already has effectively set up a no-fly zone

--Putin extends offer to US to cooperate on Syria

--In China, Xi Jinping bans 88 million Communist party members from playing golf

--Three Dog Night’s Cory Wells dies at age 74