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PBC News & Comment: Will Benghazi Panel Ask Hillary the Real Key Questions About Libya?

In first hours of grilling, Hillary maintains her composure as GOP attack dogs fail to draw blood in partisan hearing…..–Libya today is a failed state, with two “governments” claiming power as UN mediation continues

–in Iraq, first American soldier killed since 2011 during raid that freed 70 prisoners of Islamic State, proof that “advisers and trainers” are really combat troops

–Vladimir Putin accuses US of “double game” in Syria, and he’s right

–at TomDispatch, Peter van Buren recaps America’s strong of Middle East blunders, and on Syria asks, “what if they gave a war and everybody came?”

–Sibel Edmonds offers to testify under oath about former Speaker Dennis Hastert, media and prosecutors aren’t interested, as discussed in new episode of BoilingFrogsPost Roundtable

–FCC orders end to extortion rates for prison phone calls

–top cops from Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles admit that the War on Some Drugs is a total failure, call for sentencing reform

–Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy dodges questions about Homan Square interrogation site where suspects “disappear”

–al Jazeera reports Congress will review the legalities of Stingray and other dragnet spy systems (video)

–did NSA crack the Diffie-Hellman encryption key? San Francisco Chronicle has a theory

–Australia will grab Facebook photos for national surveillance database…are they leading or following the US?

–US finally admits that charges against former Gitmo prisoner now held in Morocco were baseless