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PBC News & Comment: CNBC Republican Debate Reaches New Low

In latest reality-TV audition, GOP candidates are detached from reality as CNBC continues WWF approach to presidential debates, gotcha gotcha gotcha…--Trump finally gets asked about his bankruptcies and Atlantic City, strokes his own ego but is less bombastic

--every single candidate spun right-wing fantasies, from Carson’s flat tax to Cruz & Rubio’s attacks on the “liberal” media

--Rep. Paul Ryan is elected Speaker of the House

--Gitmo confusion: Shaker Aamer’s release was delayed by visit from Senate Republicans, but Mauritanian Abdel Azziz was released this morning

-- journalist Larry Hancock explains why we’ll never know the full story of Benghazi in this excerpt from our new interview

--on her birthday, Clinton’s campaign says, “Let’s talk Hillary”

--Bernie Sanders calls for dropping marijuana from DEA schedule I

--court that ruled that NSA phone records dragnet is unconstitutional allows bulk collection to continue under transition to new law that makes cosmetic changes

--European Parliament passes resolution calling Ed Snowden a “human rights defender” who should be allowed to live in Europe without extradition

--new Canadian leader Trudeau holds firm to plan to allow 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada as migrant deaths continue and tensions build in Austria, Slovenia

--in Ontario, a form of racial profiling called “carding” by police is may be banned

--in US, cops have killed 943 citizens this year, 73 in October, according to The Guardian

--new poll shows more support for gun control, mostly by Democrats