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PBC News & Comment: CNBC Republican Debate Reaches New Low

In latest reality-TV audition, GOP candidates are detached from reality as CNBC continues WWF approach to presidential debates, gotcha gotcha gotcha…–Trump finally gets asked about his bankruptcies and Atlantic City, strokes his own ego but is less bombastic

–every single candidate spun right-wing fantasies, from Carson’s flat tax to Cruz & Rubio’s attacks on the “liberal” media

–Rep. Paul Ryan is elected Speaker of the House

–Gitmo confusion: Shaker Aamer’s release was delayed by visit from Senate Republicans, but Mauritanian Abdel Azziz was released this morning

— journalist Larry Hancock explains why we’ll never know the full story of Benghazi in this excerpt from our new interview

–on her birthday, Clinton’s campaign says, “Let’s talk Hillary”

–Bernie Sanders calls for dropping marijuana from DEA schedule I

–court that ruled that NSA phone records dragnet is unconstitutional allows bulk collection to continue under transition to new law that makes cosmetic changes

–European Parliament passes resolution calling Ed Snowden a “human rights defender” who should be allowed to live in Europe without extradition

–new Canadian leader Trudeau holds firm to plan to allow 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada as migrant deaths continue and tensions build in Austria, Slovenia

–in Ontario, a form of racial profiling called “carding” by police is may be banned

–in US, cops have killed 943 citizens this year, 73 in October, according to The Guardian

–new poll shows more support for gun control, mostly by Democrats