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In-Depth Interview: Journalist Larry Hancock on Why Americans Will Never Hear the Entire Benghazi Story

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Author and investigator Larry Hancock explains the secret CIA operations in Benghazi, and why we’ll never learn the full story. Hancock published an article about this at WhoWhatWhy, and he affirms the informed speculation that the CIA compound was used to run Russian-made weapons from Libya to Syria, via Qatar or UAE.  We discuss how the Trey Gowdy committee narrowed its focus to Hillary Clinton, when Gowdy knew that she could not publicly talk about the CIA operation, producing a game of “security chicken”.

We also raise questions about the actual role of the ambassador, Chris Stevens, in the CIA presence, and talk about some of the weird questions that Republicans put to Clinton.

And we note that the witch-hunt investigation never touched on Clinton’s real vulnerability on Libya:  she was the most hawkish voice in the Obama cabinet calling for the no-fly zone and the toppling of Qaddaffi.  It is a major foreign policy blunder that questions her decision-making on military intervention.

Hancock’s most recent book is Surprise Attack: From Pealr Harbor to 9/11 to Benghazi.  With Stuart Wexler, he also co-authored Shadow Warfare: A History of America’s Undeclared Wars, and he comments on the conflict in Syria and Iraq–where US forces have been engaged for more than a year without any Congressional debate or war powers resolution.