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PBC News & Comment: Hallelujah!! Shaker Aamer Has Been Released from Gitmo!

Shaker Aamer finally released from Guantanamo’s tropical dungeon after 13+ years, will meet son born the day he arrived there…--here’s an excerpt from today’s in-depth interview with VICE news reporter Jason Leopold, who has covered Guantanamo for years, and wrote this story today

--Leopold and I also talk about the new CISA bill that cripples FOIA in the national security arena

--Guantanamo is not the only sub-human lockup: in Texas 20 women are hunger striking at immigration prison

--as Obama’s federal prison releases get underway, we learn that one third will be deported, compounding injustice

--new House bill would prevent prosecutors from accessing emails between defendants and lawyers

--NY Times story reviews the indefinite confinement of sex offenders, some long after they finished their sentences

--predictions of mission creep in Syria come true, as Obama announces that US special forces will be deployed to Syria

--Vienna talks on Syria include Russia, US, Iran and Saudi Arabia, it’s getting hot in there

--flood of migrants from warzones continues despite worse weather

--in ugly form of ethnic cleansing, Dominican Republic deports Haitians who have no real ties to Haiti

--China relaxes its extreme “one child” law, leaving millions in limbo