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PBC News & Comment: Keystone Pipeline May Be Dead, But Obama Didn’t Kill It

As Transcanada suspends its application for Keystone, ObamaCo tries to take credit and obscure Barack’s cowardly indecision, incoherent climate policies….–Canadian whistleblowers expose TransCanada’s shoddy safety practices that led to 9 pipeline explosions and 65 fires since 2008

–hidden clause in Transportation bill allows major delays in safety upgrades to American passenger and freight trains

–filmmaker Stanley Nelson talks about his new documentary on the Black Panthers; here he talks about the FBI’s COINTELPRO success in splintering the Panthers

–federal appeals court says FBI can rendition and detain an American overseas, in case of Amir Meshal

–at VICE, Jason Leopold produced video report on CIA’s bungled kidnap cape in Milan and how the CIA has abandoned one of its agents who was involved


–newly-freed Shaker Aamer’s first hours of freedom are recounted in London tabloid

–in Syrian war, latest US moves are exposed as all hat, no cattle

–Iranian state TV says Iran has captured a Lebanese-American man they say is a spy

–Ahmed Chalabi, brazen opportunist who tricked and bilked CIA and Pentagon in support of Iraq invasion, dies at age 71

–Anonymous got scooped by a really anonymous operator who released inaccurate list of Ku Klux Klan members

–Robin Williams’ widow says the actor-comedian had the rare Lewy body dementia and experienced dementia before he killed himself

–Roy Zimmerman shares his new song and video, Donald McRonald, the Face of the New GOP