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PBC News & Comment: Keystone Pipeline May Be Dead, But Obama Didn’t Kill It

As Transcanada suspends its application for Keystone, ObamaCo tries to take credit and obscure Barack’s cowardly indecision, incoherent climate policies….--Canadian whistleblowers expose TransCanada’s shoddy safety practices that led to 9 pipeline explosions and 65 fires since 2008

--hidden clause in Transportation bill allows major delays in safety upgrades to American passenger and freight trains

--filmmaker Stanley Nelson talks about his new documentary on the Black Panthers; here he talks about the FBI’s COINTELPRO success in splintering the Panthers

--federal appeals court says FBI can rendition and detain an American overseas, in case of Amir Meshal

--at VICE, Jason Leopold produced video report on CIA’s bungled kidnap cape in Milan and how the CIA has abandoned one of its agents who was involved


--newly-freed Shaker Aamer’s first hours of freedom are recounted in London tabloid

--in Syrian war, latest US moves are exposed as all hat, no cattle

--Iranian state TV says Iran has captured a Lebanese-American man they say is a spy

--Ahmed Chalabi, brazen opportunist who tricked and bilked CIA and Pentagon in support of Iraq invasion, dies at age 71

--Anonymous got scooped by a really anonymous operator who released inaccurate list of Ku Klux Klan members

--Robin Williams’ widow says the actor-comedian had the rare Lewy body dementia and experienced dementia before he killed himself

--Roy Zimmerman shares his new song and video, Donald McRonald, the Face of the New GOP