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PBC News & Comment: US Spy Satellites Saw Russian Airliner Break Up

UK says they believe Russian airliner that crashed over Sinai was bombed, US confirms that spy satellites captured the event…--which begs the question, why won’t US release satellite images of MH-17 which crashed in eastern Ukraine?

--today, a Russian cargo plane crashed after takeoff from Sudan

--Egyptian strongman al Sisi tells BBC that the “situation is under our full control”, then within hours Sinai police station hit in suicide attack

--to suppress and repress Palestinians, Israel passes new 3-year minimum sentence for rock throwing

--Israeli forces shut down Palestinian radio station in West Bank

--Israel releases hunger striking Palestinian prisoner, Mohammed Allan

--in bold op-ed from the conservaDem, Sen. Feinstein says “Let’s finally close Guantanamo”

--British parliament is debating new surveillance powers that would collect all data of web visits

--after learning that IRS has been using Stingray dragnet cell monitors, GOP crusader Jason Chaffetz introduces bill to require warrant for Stingray use

--at The Intercept, Natasha Lennard details the “zombie” cyber security bill that just passed, CISA

--Bernie Sanders introduces bill to ban coal, oil and gas extraction from public lands

--Hillary Clinton takes bold stand on gun control, unlike 2008, demonstrating that she is to the left of Sanders on gun laws

--after 66 year freeze, leaders of China and Taiwan will meet in Singapore

--in off-year elections, Airbnb buys a victory in San Francisco, Ohio rejects bad marijuana legalization measure, and Houston embraces discrimination over “political correctness”

--El Niño conditions may have tainted our Dungeness crab population on the Pacific, putting crab season at risk