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PBC News & Comment: US Spy Satellites Saw Russian Airliner Break Up

UK says they believe Russian airliner that crashed over Sinai was bombed, US confirms that spy satellites captured the event…–which begs the question, why won’t US release satellite images of MH-17 which crashed in eastern Ukraine?

–today, a Russian cargo plane crashed after takeoff from Sudan

–Egyptian strongman al Sisi tells BBC that the “situation is under our full control”, then within hours Sinai police station hit in suicide attack

–to suppress and repress Palestinians, Israel passes new 3-year minimum sentence for rock throwing

–Israeli forces shut down Palestinian radio station in West Bank

–Israel releases hunger striking Palestinian prisoner, Mohammed Allan

–in bold op-ed from the conservaDem, Sen. Feinstein says “Let’s finally close Guantanamo”

–British parliament is debating new surveillance powers that would collect all data of web visits

–after learning that IRS has been using Stingray dragnet cell monitors, GOP crusader Jason Chaffetz introduces bill to require warrant for Stingray use

–at The Intercept, Natasha Lennard details the “zombie” cyber security bill that just passed, CISA

–Bernie Sanders introduces bill to ban coal, oil and gas extraction from public lands

–Hillary Clinton takes bold stand on gun control, unlike 2008, demonstrating that she is to the left of Sanders on gun laws

–after 66 year freeze, leaders of China and Taiwan will meet in Singapore

–in off-year elections, Airbnb buys a victory in San Francisco, Ohio rejects bad marijuana legalization measure, and Houston embraces discrimination over “political correctness”

–El Niño conditions may have tainted our Dungeness crab population on the Pacific, putting crab season at risk