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PBC News & Comment: Now That It Doesn’t Matter, Obama Denies Approval of Keystone XL

In the latest cynical move by President Leftlon, Obama announces his rejection of Keystone XL, #profiles in spin and expediency…..--only after 7 years of indecision and TransCanada’s suspension of its application did Obama make a determination

--New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sues Exxon-Mobil for lying to investors and consumers about climate change

--California Gov. Jerry Brown, who talks big on climate change, ordered state energy agency to assess potential for oil and gas on family ranch land in Colusa County

--Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal is being released to the public after 5 years of secret negotiations

--GOP monster Sen. Jeff Sessions slams TPP for its undemocratic Commission, and he’s right

--Obama’s year-old promise to child refugees from strife-torn Latin American countries is not met, as zero children have been admitted

--Sen. Feinstein calls for end to program that allows rich aliens to purchase citizenship by investing in the US

--new poll shows 60% reject Obama’s handling of war on IS, not all for the same reasons

--in op-ed, Obama’s blunders in Syria and Iraq compared to Vietnam

--by huge margin, House votes to keep Guantanamo open; here’s an excerpt from our Processing Distortion interview with journalist Andy Worthington

--knife attacks escalate to gun attacks blamed on Palestinians in Hebron, after Israelis killed 73-year-old Palestinian woman

--liberal rabbi who was attacked by Jewish settler with a knife complains of no arrests, impunity for Israeli attackers

--Nicaragua’s government gives formal approval to construction of new Pacific-Atlantic canal, widely viewed as an environmental atrocity

--VICE releases list of top 100 most militarized universities in America