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PBC News & Comment: Now That It Doesn’t Matter, Obama Denies Approval of Keystone XL

In the latest cynical move by President Leftlon, Obama announces his rejection of Keystone XL, #profiles in spin and expediency…..–only after 7 years of indecision and TransCanada’s suspension of its application did Obama make a determination

–New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sues Exxon-Mobil for lying to investors and consumers about climate change

–California Gov. Jerry Brown, who talks big on climate change, ordered state energy agency to assess potential for oil and gas on family ranch land in Colusa County

–Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal is being released to the public after 5 years of secret negotiations

–GOP monster Sen. Jeff Sessions slams TPP for its undemocratic Commission, and he’s right

–Obama’s year-old promise to child refugees from strife-torn Latin American countries is not met, as zero children have been admitted

–Sen. Feinstein calls for end to program that allows rich aliens to purchase citizenship by investing in the US

–new poll shows 60% reject Obama’s handling of war on IS, not all for the same reasons

–in op-ed, Obama’s blunders in Syria and Iraq compared to Vietnam

–by huge margin, House votes to keep Guantanamo open; here’s an excerpt from our Processing Distortion interview with journalist Andy Worthington

–knife attacks escalate to gun attacks blamed on Palestinians in Hebron, after Israelis killed 73-year-old Palestinian woman

–liberal rabbi who was attacked by Jewish settler with a knife complains of no arrests, impunity for Israeli attackers

–Nicaragua’s government gives formal approval to construction of new Pacific-Atlantic canal, widely viewed as an environmental atrocity

–VICE releases list of top 100 most militarized universities in America