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PBC News & Comment: Mr. Netanyahu Goes to Washington, Again

Seven months after vilifying Obama in speech to Congress, Israel’s Netanyahu is back demanding massive increase in US military aid…–except for Egypt, most spooks agree that Russian airliner was blown up, The Times of Israel reported “largest-ever” aerial war games with US and other nations were underway that day

–our air war coalition against IS has crumbled due to competing agendas

–two Americans killed at American training base in Jordan

–biblical-style plague afflicts Kurdish forces in Iraq

–retired admiral and former Congressman Joe Sestak speaks up for American veterans

–Mizou’s black football players flex their muscles, and force university president to resign

–opposition in Myanmar is hopeful as votes are being counted

–in Spain, Catalonia takes step to secede from Madrid control

–in San Francisco, Shrimp Boy trial will test FBI entrapment tactics

–FBI delays rollout of new school program, “Snitch on a Muslim”,

here is the op-ed from Rafia Zakaria

–listener Joe Carson shares League of Women Voters’ call for public input