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PBC News & Comment: Mr. Netanyahu Goes to Washington, Again

Seven months after vilifying Obama in speech to Congress, Israel’s Netanyahu is back demanding massive increase in US military aid…--except for Egypt, most spooks agree that Russian airliner was blown up, The Times of Israel reported “largest-ever” aerial war games with US and other nations were underway that day

--our air war coalition against IS has crumbled due to competing agendas

--two Americans killed at American training base in Jordan

--biblical-style plague afflicts Kurdish forces in Iraq

--retired admiral and former Congressman Joe Sestak speaks up for American veterans

--Mizou’s black football players flex their muscles, and force university president to resign

--opposition in Myanmar is hopeful as votes are being counted

--in Spain, Catalonia takes step to secede from Madrid control

--in San Francisco, Shrimp Boy trial will test FBI entrapment tactics

--FBI delays rollout of new school program, “Snitch on a Muslim”,

here is the op-ed from Rafia Zakaria

--listener Joe Carson shares League of Women Voters’ call for public input