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PBC News & Comment: WTF–Only 3 Senators Vote to Close Guantanamo

In critical Senate vote, only Merkely, Wyden and Sanders say “No” on Pentagon funding bill that blocks closure of Guantanamo…–in our new in-depth interview, journalist Steve Horn says Obama’s rejection of Keystone XL will not slow transport of tar sands oil to Texas

–as Horn previously told us, the US actively pressed Mexico to privatize Pemex; today, TransCanada announced new gas pipeline deal in Mexico

–after California Gov. Brown ordered state energy agency to survey family property for resource potential, average citizens are asking for the same free studies

–another bizarre GOP presidential debate, this time on Fox Business, a channel I’d never seen before

–at Wall Street on Parade, Pam and Russ Martens fact-check brazen lies and misrepresentations

–at Daily Kos, an unidentified neurologist says that just because Ben Carson is a brain surgeon doesn’t make him ‘smart”

–Syria claims it has retaken an airbase in Alleppo after 2 year struggle with IS; Iraq fails repeatedly to dislodge IS from Ramadi

–Israel protests EY decision to label products exported from occupied Palestinian territories

–at Mizzou, campus is deserted following racist threat, arrest of 19-year-old

–The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf reports on mob mentality of Mizzou protesters toward media, including a journalism instructor who had invited media coverage