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PBC News & Comment: New Poll Shows Sanders Beats Top GOP Contenders

New national polls show Hillary Clinton maintains lead over Bernie Sanders in primary, but Sanders can beat top Republicans….–University of Illinois agrees to pay $875,000 to Prof. Steven Salaita in settlement of wrongful termination suit after controversial tweets

–Oregon’s attorney general says she’s “appalled” by her own department’s monitoring of communications of Black Lives Matter activists

–documents show FBI illegally monitored peaceful protesters of the School of the Americas for 10 years

–Facebook reports that American government agencies made 26,000 requests for user information

–NSA whistleblower Tom Drake is profiled on al Jazeera, as new report shows that whistleblower laws are mostly useless

–Mr. FOIA, Jason Leopold, inspects the work of the CIA’s Inspector General

–in op-ed, Trevor Timm smacks Obama for allowing Congress to delay closing Guantanamo

–my in-depth interview with Andy Worthington about Shaker Aamer and closing Gitmo is now available at BoilingFrogsPost

–in outrageous move, Israeli forces in Palestinian garb invade Hebron hospital and kill Palestinian man