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PBC News & Comment: In Response to Paris Attacks, Spies Recommend More Spying

Stoking fears and playing on them, spooks like CIA boss John Brennan demand police state powers and unlimited surveillance….--French plan for 90-day state of emergency includes controls on media

--at The Guardian, Trevor Timm correct Brennan’s lies and blame-shifting

--at al Jazeera, Bruce Crumley says Patriot Act makes US #1 in domestic spying, and asks if French intelligence failed

--intelligence, media sources name 27-year old Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud as mastermind, say he is in Syria and has been targeted by airstrikes

--Russians conclude that it was a bomb that took down airliner over Sinai

--Putin has made Russia central to Syrian fight, forcing Obama to thaw his icy treatment; Putin argues that IS is funded by 40 nations, including G20 members

--in Canada, several attacks on Muslims including arson of mosque

--Republican governors say they will block transfer of Syrian refugees to their states, but have no power to do so; list from NY Times

--GOP-run House Neanderthals Committee will grill scientists on climate change

--Nate Silver’s 2010 dataset on actual risk of terrorism for Americans is worth revisiting

--Gary Chew reviews the new film Spotlight