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PBC News & Comment: In Response to Friday the 13th Attacks, France Ignores America’s Bitter Lessons

French leader Hollande takes the bait from Daesh, overreacts with Sunday airstrike and 3-month state of emergency, as Obama shows restraint….

To offset the hotheads calling for vengeance, here are 4 important commentaries:

–Peter van Buren, 20-year veteran of the State Department, click here

–Harleen Gambhir in the Washington Post

–Andrew Bacevich in the Boston Globe

–Robert Parry says Obama should be honest with the American people

–at G-20 summit in Turkey, Obama and Putin huddle, agree on “Syrian-led, Syrian-owned” transition

–in Vienna, with no Syrians present, John Kerry incoherently calls for cease-fire, except against Daesh

–Obama strongly rejects GOP calls to block all refugees from US who aren’t Christian

–Anonymous declares cyberwar on Daesh

–Democratic debate in Iowa won by Clinton, but she went Giuliani on us with comment that Wall Street gives her big bucks because of 9/11

–5 Yemenis were released from Guantanamo, sent to UAE

–Oakland man becomes 1,000th American killed by police this year