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PBC News & Comment: In Response to Friday the 13th Attacks, France Ignores America’s Bitter Lessons

French leader Hollande takes the bait from Daesh, overreacts with Sunday airstrike and 3-month state of emergency, as Obama shows restraint….

To offset the hotheads calling for vengeance, here are 4 important commentaries:

--Peter van Buren, 20-year veteran of the State Department, click here

--Harleen Gambhir in the Washington Post

--Andrew Bacevich in the Boston Globe

--Robert Parry says Obama should be honest with the American people

--at G-20 summit in Turkey, Obama and Putin huddle, agree on “Syrian-led, Syrian-owned” transition

--in Vienna, with no Syrians present, John Kerry incoherently calls for cease-fire, except against Daesh

--Obama strongly rejects GOP calls to block all refugees from US who aren’t Christian

--Anonymous declares cyberwar on Daesh

--Democratic debate in Iowa won by Clinton, but she went Giuliani on us with comment that Wall Street gives her big bucks because of 9/11

--5 Yemenis were released from Guantanamo, sent to UAE

--Oakland man becomes 1,000th American killed by police this year