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PBC News & Comment: America’s Drone Strikes Stoke Terrorism, Like Gitmo

Four American drone warriors turn whistleblowers, say drone warfare “has fueled hatred” serves as recruitment tool, “similar to Guantanamo Bay”….–Jessalyn Radack is their lawyer, new movie “Drone” opens soon, details here

Note:  your humble host is leaving on a business trip, next podcast here on November 30.

–in blistering editorial, NY Times joins me and others in rejected more surveillance

–nervous, hysterical Americans disrupt air travel; Montreal man threatened to shoot one Arab a week, is arrested

–yesterday, we were told that “mastermind” of Paris attacks is in Syria, but French police raided Paris suburb looking for Abaaoud

–tweaking its enemies, Daesh releases pictures of soda can and triggers they say are similar to the bomb that broke up Russian airliner

–Mr. Happy Talk, John Kerry, says Syria ceasefire could occur in “weeks”

–in our in-depth interview, State Dept whistleblower Peter van Buren slams Kerry’s efforts at diplomacy

–in effort to suppress Palestinians, Israel outlaws Islamic Movement

–as sanctions are eased, Iran plans to export 500,000 barrels of oil daily to a glutted market, ensuring that prices will remain low

–new migrant crisis: Cubans aiming for the US are trapped at border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua

–new study shows hundreds of thousands of Texas women have attempted self-induced abortion as pro-birth extremists have shut down abortion clinics

–one of those extremists, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, has dropped out of GOP presidential race

–PF Sloan, who wrote the hit song “Eve of Destruction” dies at age 70