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PBC News & Comment: America’s Drone Strikes Stoke Terrorism, Like Gitmo

Four American drone warriors turn whistleblowers, say drone warfare “has fueled hatred” serves as recruitment tool, “similar to Guantanamo Bay”….--Jessalyn Radack is their lawyer, new movie “Drone” opens soon, details here

Note:  your humble host is leaving on a business trip, next podcast here on November 30.

--in blistering editorial, NY Times joins me and others in rejected more surveillance

--nervous, hysterical Americans disrupt air travel; Montreal man threatened to shoot one Arab a week, is arrested

--yesterday, we were told that “mastermind” of Paris attacks is in Syria, but French police raided Paris suburb looking for Abaaoud

--tweaking its enemies, Daesh releases pictures of soda can and triggers they say are similar to the bomb that broke up Russian airliner

--Mr. Happy Talk, John Kerry, says Syria ceasefire could occur in “weeks”

--in our in-depth interview, State Dept whistleblower Peter van Buren slams Kerry’s efforts at diplomacy

--in effort to suppress Palestinians, Israel outlaws Islamic Movement

--as sanctions are eased, Iran plans to export 500,000 barrels of oil daily to a glutted market, ensuring that prices will remain low

--new migrant crisis: Cubans aiming for the US are trapped at border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua

--new study shows hundreds of thousands of Texas women have attempted self-induced abortion as pro-birth extremists have shut down abortion clinics

--one of those extremists, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, has dropped out of GOP presidential race

--PF Sloan, who wrote the hit song “Eve of Destruction” dies at age 70