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PBC News & Comment: Catching Up On Plenty of Bad News

Turkey shot down Russian fighter, crazy white guy shot up Planned Parenthood, Daesh fills US-created vacuum in Libya, GOP fantasies challenged.....Your humble host was away for 10 days, finds madness metastatizes, at home and abroad; he was in Brazil on a business trip

--Putin shows remarkable restraint after Turkey shot down Russian fighter that may have entered Turk airspace for 17 seconds; analysis from Gareth Porter

--France puts NATO at risk in anti-Daesh alliance with Syria

--Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is combat veteran, lone Dem to challenge Obama on Syria

--Kurdish fighters say US Special Forces have been fighting alongside them for months

--US is funding new “moderate” group of fighters called “New Syrian Army”

--in lengthy Sunday report, NY Times says IS has firm grip on coastal Libyan town, but doesn’t mention that US helped create the failed state of Libya

--Colorado shooter at Planned Parenthood rants about “baby parts” as Sen. Boxer demands end of Planned Parenthood witch hunt, Carly Fiorina blames liberals

--protesters, banned at Paris climate summit, are gassed and dispersed

--Obama admits US role in climate change, urges action

--Obama hints that he may pardon all federal death row inmates, reports Bob Egelko

--outrage over video that shows Chicago police lied about execution-style shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald

--in Baltimore, cops on trial for death of Freddie Gray get low bail, express trials, says public defender

--in Cleveland, family of Tamir Rice calls reports that justified his killing “preposterous