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PBC News & Comment: Top Cop in Chicago is Fired Over Laquan McDonald Coverup

Chicago’s maximum mayor Rahm Emmanuel fires police superintendent for failed coverup of videotaped police shooting of teenager Laquan McDonald….–Cook County sheriff loses federal appeal for using illegal means to shut down web site with adult ads, Glenn Greenwald comments

–for killings by cops, Kern County, California is the deadliest place in America, reports The Guardian

–new report says 56 Americans have been arrested this year on charges related to IS

–in latest in-depth interview, NY Times reporter Scott Shane talks about his book Objective Troy, about drones and the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki; in this excerpt, Shane talks about secrecy and lack of accountability from Congress and courts

–lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev demand new trial, challenge half of the counts he was convicted on, under Supreme Court ruling

–at Vice, Jason Leopold reviews the latest release of Hillary’s emails, where Clinton shows a little compassion for former Gitmo teen prisoner, Omar Khadr

–2 Israeli teenagers convicted for beating and burning to death Palestinian teen in 2014

–after 20 year prison stretch in Peru, American Lori Berenson is coming home

–on the sidelines at Paris climate meeting, Obama sides with Turkey on shoot-down of Russian fighter jet over Syria

–Turkey rounds up 1300 refugees after EU agrees to pay billions for refugee camps

–NRA law that widens concealed carry rights takes effect in Michigan, so that more good guys will be armed

–Puerto Rico is bankrupt, out of cash, as Governor pleads for bankruptcy at Senate hearing

–the Koch brothers’ support for criminal sentencing reform includes immunization of corporate executives

–AMA votes to ban TV ads for pharmaceuticals, and petition at has 38,000 signers