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PBC News & Comment: Russia Accuses Turkish Leader of Profiting from IS Oil

Russia ratchets up confrontation with Turkey, says Erdogan and family directly profit from sales of Islamic State oil from Syria….–at Vice, Ryan Faith asks “Why Now” regarding recent efforts to cut IS oil exports

–before leaving Paris, Obama chides Turkey over border control

–yesterday, Obama told reporters that he thinks Russia will “come around” to US position that Assad must go

–more mission creep: Ashton Carter says US will set up “targeting force” in Iraq

–breaking story from San Bernardino: reports of 3 heavily armed shooters killing and wounding as many as 20 people at nonprofit for the handicapped

–Obama’s efforts at climate summit are undercut by GOP House, which is passing meaningless bills to block new limits on coal-fired power plants

–NJ governor Chris Christie is unable to keep empty promise, as Syrian family of 7 settles in Patterson, NJ

–oblivious to the optics, Israel deploys 1200 troops to E. Jerusalem as it demolishes the house of alleged Hamas militant accused of killing 2 Israelis

–after 13 years at Gitmo, review board admits that Yemeni al-Shamiri was held due to mistaken identity

–Human Rights Watch report demands criminal prosecution for torture

–Sunday’s NY Times included a story about a former Gitmo prisoner who is back “on the battlefield” on our side

–in bizarre case in Iran, an Iranian-American was executed for an alleged murder in Los Angeles in 2008

–another very weak “terrorism” case leads to guilty plea from California man with the usual FBI informant

–IRS pledges no to use Stingray cell phone surveillance without a warrant