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PBC News & Comment: Russia Accuses Turkish Leader of Profiting from IS Oil

Russia ratchets up confrontation with Turkey, says Erdogan and family directly profit from sales of Islamic State oil from Syria….--at Vice, Ryan Faith asks “Why Now” regarding recent efforts to cut IS oil exports

--before leaving Paris, Obama chides Turkey over border control

--yesterday, Obama told reporters that he thinks Russia will “come around” to US position that Assad must go

--more mission creep: Ashton Carter says US will set up “targeting force” in Iraq

--breaking story from San Bernardino: reports of 3 heavily armed shooters killing and wounding as many as 20 people at nonprofit for the handicapped

--Obama’s efforts at climate summit are undercut by GOP House, which is passing meaningless bills to block new limits on coal-fired power plants

--NJ governor Chris Christie is unable to keep empty promise, as Syrian family of 7 settles in Patterson, NJ

--oblivious to the optics, Israel deploys 1200 troops to E. Jerusalem as it demolishes the house of alleged Hamas militant accused of killing 2 Israelis

--after 13 years at Gitmo, review board admits that Yemeni al-Shamiri was held due to mistaken identity

--Human Rights Watch report demands criminal prosecution for torture

--Sunday’s NY Times included a story about a former Gitmo prisoner who is back “on the battlefield” on our side

--in bizarre case in Iran, an Iranian-American was executed for an alleged murder in Los Angeles in 2008

--another very weak “terrorism” case leads to guilty plea from California man with the usual FBI informant

--IRS pledges no to use Stingray cell phone surveillance without a warrant