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PBC News & Comment: If Daesh is Vanquished, What Next?

As US creeps toward ground war against Islamic State, Andrew Bacevich is asking, “what next” and labels it “collective suicide”….–in fresh in-depth interview, retired Army colonel and professor Bacevich predicts an IS successor that would be just as bad; his latest essay is here

–Britain joins the fray, launching bombs in Syria hours after Parliament vote, as Kerry says NATO is stepping up

–details emerge of Pentagon’s latest escalation and Iraqi opposition

–Defense Secretary Carter also announced new rules allowing women in most combat roles

–San Bernardino killing spree by husband/wife team leaves many questions

–Jason Leopold reports that residents complain of ongoing gun violence in California’s “inland empire”

–within hours of the shootings, claims of “false flag” surfaced, fueled by massive law enforcement response and “active shooter” simulation drill on Monday reported by local newspaper;  the video is here

–west Virginia coal baron Don Blankenship is convicted of conspiract in the deaths of 29 miners

–China seems to acknowledge hacking of Office of Personnel Management files, but says it was criminals, not government action

–in Brazil, impeachment proceedings begin for President Dilma Rousseff

–in Washington, GOP presidential candidates kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson, and pledge allegiance to Israel

–Israel finally announces arrests in July arson attack in West Bank

NY Times reports that whistleblowers at National Whistleblower Center have settled with Steven Kohn