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PBC News & Comment: If Daesh is Vanquished, What Next?

As US creeps toward ground war against Islamic State, Andrew Bacevich is asking, “what next” and labels it “collective suicide”….--in fresh in-depth interview, retired Army colonel and professor Bacevich predicts an IS successor that would be just as bad; his latest essay is here

--Britain joins the fray, launching bombs in Syria hours after Parliament vote, as Kerry says NATO is stepping up

--details emerge of Pentagon’s latest escalation and Iraqi opposition

--Defense Secretary Carter also announced new rules allowing women in most combat roles

--San Bernardino killing spree by husband/wife team leaves many questions

--Jason Leopold reports that residents complain of ongoing gun violence in California’s “inland empire”

--within hours of the shootings, claims of “false flag” surfaced, fueled by massive law enforcement response and “active shooter” simulation drill on Monday reported by local newspaper;  the video is here

--west Virginia coal baron Don Blankenship is convicted of conspiract in the deaths of 29 miners

--China seems to acknowledge hacking of Office of Personnel Management files, but says it was criminals, not government action

--in Brazil, impeachment proceedings begin for President Dilma Rousseff

--in Washington, GOP presidential candidates kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson, and pledge allegiance to Israel

--Israel finally announces arrests in July arson attack in West Bank

--NY Times reports that whistleblowers at National Whistleblower Center have settled with Steven Kohn