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PBC News & Comment: In Talk From Oval Office, Obama Pleases None

Responding to San Bernardino shooting, Obama calls for calm and rejects hysteria and US boots in Syria—but fearmongers prevail….--Obama calls shooting “terrorist incident” and says we don’t hate Muslims; but he accepts the frame based on sketchy evidence, calls for gun laws and visa restrictions that wouldn’t have prevented it

--FBI director and Farook family lawyer agree that many aspects of the case so far “don’t make sense”

--corporate media edits its own narrative from live coverage: where is 3rd shooter? Could 90-pound Malik be confused with tall, white shooter? Why were their dead bodies handcuffed? What about the active shooter drill reports, and the rabidly anti-Muslim co-worker?  Read the WillyLoman blog mentioned, here.

--NY Times runs gun control editorial on front page, first time in 95 years

--Supreme Court declines case challenging assault weapons ban in Illinois

--in Chicago, video of another police shooting will be released, as report shows that 5 other cops supported the lies of officer van Dyke in McDonald killing

--in France, right wing party gains in local elections

--in Venzuela, Chavez-Maduro socialists sustain big losses in legislature election

--Turkey and Iraq feud over Turkish troops deployed to Iraq

--Israeli court sentences Palestinian lawmaker to 15 months in jail

--Netanyahu responds strongly to Kerry comment about 2-state solution, and Swedish official’s condemnation of “extrajudicial executions” of Palestinians