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PBC News & Comment: Trump Goes All-out Demagogue

In his ignorant, reckless call to “shut down of Muslims entering US”, Trump makes corporate media dance to demagogue beat…..–we open with Looters’s song Manzanar, in honor of Japanese detention camp

–Trump is widely excoriated—even by Dick Cheney

–Groundhog Day? Homeland Security threatens to roll out new threat level system

–Obama challenges Congress on war powers for Syria/Iraq, Adam Schiff proposes repeal of old AUMF, passage of new, limited one

–in editorial, NY Times slams Hillary and GOP contenders for bizarre responses to Obama speech

–in rare embrace of sarcasm, Norman Solomon re-writes Obama’s Sunday speech

–the fear factor leads GOP candidates to embrace torture, reports SF Chronicle

–new cop trial in Chicago as Justice Dept launches probe into police department

–UN hosts peace talks on Yemen conflict in Switzerland next week

–US and Russia point fingers over raid that killed Syrian troops

–new report says the number of foreign fighters in Iraq and Syrias has doubled in past year

–in Afghanistan, Taliban attacks Kandahar airport as peace feelers are sent

–American provate donors have pumped $220 million into illegal Jewish settlements

–with new FOIA release, Jason Leopold of Vice details the FBI monitoring of Samir Khan, the American killed with Awlaki in Yemen