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PBC News & Comment: FBI and Spooks Exploit Tragedy to Expand Police State

FBI Director James “Too Tall” Comey shares surveillance info on San Bernardino shooters, then blames encryption for law enforcement failures….--Comey claims Farook and Malik were “radicalized” before they married, and demands that tech firms weaken encryption to ease access for government, hackers

--shamed by The Guardian’s data collection of cop shootings, FBI announces it will start to collect this information

--despite the current hysteria, librarians and privacy advocates oppose latest cyber legislation

--one year after Senate torture review was released, most officials who should have read it have not—perhaps to preserve the Obama-ordered obstruction of justice, reports The Intercept

--pandering to the wave of fear, 407 House members vote to tighten visa waivers

--in The Guardian, David Smith explains the serious problems with the secret No-Fly list, and the politics of Obama’s demand to use it to block gun purchases

--one week after the massacre, we recap the questions and contradictions of the official narrative of San Berdu shootings

--Trump’s brazen bigotry leads Jeb’s superpac to launch ads that slime Trump, Rubio and Cruz

--Trump’s anti-Muslim ravings cost cause business partners in Mideast to criticize him, cancel deals

--Netanyahu declines to cancel 2-man Demagogue’s conference with Trump, scheduled for December 28

--Chicago’s arrogant mayor finds humility, as Rahm Emmanuel apologizes for police crimes and coverups

--Wired investigation and Australian police raid may have identified the mystery man behind Bitcoin

--Time magazine passes over Trump and Sanders to name Germany’s Anglea Merkel as Person of the Year

--America’s hottest retail item, the hoverboard, is so hot it’s catching fire

--Native American activist, poet and actor John Trudell dies at age 69, we play "Rant and Roll" in his honor