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PBC News & Comment: Canada Sets Example For US, Welcomes Syrian Refugees

Canada’s new Prime Minister Trudeau personally greets first Syrian refugees in Toronto, contrasting with America’s Trump-driven week of hate, hysteria…--Dem prez candidate Martin O’Malley slams corporate-run immigration lockups in Arizona on Thursday, speaks at Virginia mosque today

--at TomDispatch, State Dept. veteran Peter van Buren offers detailed answers to the question: “who will fight the Islamic State?”

--in NY Times, Shmuel Rosner says “Let Israel fight IS”

--Iraq lodges UN protest, doesn’t want Turkish troops fighting IS in Iraq

--Israel arrests 5 Palestinians suspected of supporting IS

--after Netanyahu’s criticism, Trump cancels his trip to Israel, until he is president, he says

--NY Times report compares Trump to France’s right-wing hatemonger, Marine Le Pen, presents her as more reasonable

--from Switzerland to Finland, tensions are high over terrorist threats

--despite security lockdown of Paris climate summit, brazen jewel heist succeeds a few doors down from presidential palace

--agreement on climate pact appears achievable, but developing nations may get the short end of the stick

--in weekly Processing Distortion podcast, I recap 13 lingering questions about the narrative of the Dec. 2 shootings in San Bernardino

--former Alabama governor Don Siegelman has spent 8 weeks in the hole for talking on Thom Hartmann’s show about prison reform

--in rare bipartisan moment, Obama signs bill that rolls back some of the mandates of No Child Left Behind and Common Core

--Justice Scalia deflects some of the racial anger toward Trump in his comments about blacks in academia in Supreme Court oral arguments

--U2 guitarist The Edge finally wins approval to build 5 homes on pristine Malibu ridge