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PBC News & Comment: 13 Lingering Questions About San Bernardino

As many unproven threads of San Bernardino shooting are being treated as proven facts, LA Times adds to the narrative….–based on police sources, LA Times reconstructs events leading to final shootout, raising even more questions. You can listen to the 13 Questions podcast here

–exploiting this unproven narrative, Sens. Burr and Feinstein want Facebook to become an arm of the FBI under proposed law

–in first media interviews since his release from Gitmo in October, Shaker Aamer recounts his barbaric treatment, displays remarkable forgiveness

–Climate conference concludes in Paris—the agreement is a step forward, but lacks enforcement and may be too little, too late

–Bill McKibben says Paris deal is 20 years too late, and the targets still allow warming to reach 3.5 Celsius

–online search queries reveal spike in hate and fear of Muslims

–San Francisco takes its turn in police shooting spotlight, as protests erupt and video shows 5 cops fired 15-20 shots at man suspected of stabbing attempt

–in Chicago bench trial, judge acquits police commander who shoved his pistol into a suspect’s mouth as he threatened to kill him

–Oklahoma City cop is convicted on 18 counts of rape of black women

–is it the season? Peace talks and cease fires are being discussed in Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen