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PBC News & Comment: Another Fact-Free GOP “Debate” Tonight

Framed like a WWF smackdown, CNN hosts another gotcha session with GOP’s parade of idiots, who can lie without consequence…–factcheckers show incredible rates of deceit in GOP candidates, but nobody cares

–trying to shore up his plummeting poll numbers, Ben Carson demands investigation of CAIR on false claim it’s aligned with terrorists

–all Los Angeles public schools were closed today after bomb threat emailed from Germany

–more unproven leaks from anonymous government sources say female suspect in San Bernardino posted pro-jihad comments on Facebook, as the prior claim of Dec 2 Facebook post is embellished without proof

–man is busted in Maryland, FBI says he got $8,700 from alleged Islamic State source in Egypt

–in Chicago, Illinois man joins his cousin in guilty plea over alleged plan to join IS or stage an attack in US, as usual, there is a paid FBI informant in the case

–author Steven Hill and reporter Carolyn Said of the SF Chronicle talk about Airbnb and its impact on rental housing rates and inventory

–in last week’s podcast with Hill about Uber, he talked about the fight to unionize Uber drivers in Seattle; the drivers have won the first round. Uber has also tried to jam new contracts on drivers that bars future class action lawsuits

–Saudi Arabia forms faux coalition of 34 Muslim nations vowing to fight the terrorists they fund and support

–violence in Burundi continues, could be the next Hotel Rwanda

–as low crude oil prices yield low gas prices and stock market turmoil, the oil bust in Canada’s tar sands province of Alberta leads to hardship, suicide increase

–Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will face desertion charges in general court-martial