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PBC News & Comment: GOP Bullies Try to Out-Tough Each Other

Imitating “Fear Factor”, GOP candidates tried to prove they are tougher, meaner and more despotic than the Donald, and blame Obama….–fearmongering Republicans display massive egos, trade jabs over who is the meanest, most simple-minded candidate

–a little substance oozed out, as Rand Paul repeatedly challenged the failed efforts at regime change in Iraq, Libya, Syria; Trump postures as ruthless non-interventionist

–contradicting his earlier statements, FBI Director Comey says Farook and Malik did NOT post about jihad on social media

–heading for the exits, Congress is poised to pass “Christmas tree” budget bill with lots of stinky ornaments, like repeal of ban on crude oil exports

–in victory for Jon Stewart, budget bill includes 75-year coverage for 9/11 first responders

–House adds CISA to budget bill, stripping out privacy protections in new surveillance bill disguised as anti-hacking law

–no surprise: Federal reserve finally inches up interest rates, with quarter point raise the first in 9 years

–Carl Icahn’s op-ed in Monday NY Times is a crackup: he wants corporate taxes cut to limit “inversions” to US corporations that move overseas

–intelligence expert and critic James Bamford asks if US spooks are trying to provoke war with China

–on Monday, top US admiral gave speech accusing China of eroding safety in the South China Sea, stoking a possible regional arms race